Ke Huy Quan Collected His First Oscar and 27 Selfies With A-List Celebs

After nearly a decade of mediocrity and Ellen DeGeneres-fueled cringeniess, it seems the highly-coveted title of THE Oscars’ selfie has finally been dethroned thanks to the award-winning star of Everything Everywhere All at Once/certified Silly Little Guy, star Ke Huy Quan.

While dropping by the Academy Awards on Sunday, March 12, Quan walked away with more than just our hearts and the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, nabbing a ton of adorable selfies with several of his fellow stars.

No matter whether he’s rubbing elbows with Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus or Channing Tatum, Quan’s approach to selfies are consistent and, well straight to the point, a sentiment several of his fans noted.

“That finger point is quickly becoming iconic my man,” wrote one commenter. “Somebody tell ke that he is also famous,” added another, while a thrd suggested he take his penchant for selfies to the next level. “You should make a book of all the selfies when awards season is done!” they suggested. Here’s to Quan’s selfie camera — the real expert when it comes to being everything everywhere all at once.
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