Manager Screws Employee Out of Promotion, Gets Fired

This is what happens when you push good employees too far. Even the most loyal, hardest working, best team player you have ever seen has their limits. Some bosses either ignorantly don't get it, or even worse intentionally ignore it and continue to push and demand more out of their employees. This has proven time and time again to be the perfect recipe for disaster. Even a superstar can burn out as they often find out, far far too late.

You'd think the rules of the workplace would be simple - do a good job, be willing to help out, and you'll be rewarded. That's how it SHOULD work, but then you get petty office politics and favoritism in the mix, along with insecure bosses who don't want to see their employees rise above them.

Sadly, this kind of situation plays out far too often with zero consequences, but it's always nice to see the rare occasion that the employee comes out on top.
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