36 Memes Manufactured for Maximum Memeness

Enjoy a nice gallery packed to the brim with funnies. As we make our way through another while the kiddos get ready to go back to school, things might get a little hectic or chaotic as we get back into the groove of things. Traffic in the mornings will be a pain in the arse again with all the school busses and parents dropping the kids off, so if you got to work and were already stressed out and annoyed, hopefully taking a quick break to have a gander at some funny memes and pics will be enough to cool you down and help you keep your sanity.

So take a few minutes for yourself to destress and find your moment of zen even if your boss is riding you like a jockey on a racehorse, or if Carol in HR is busting your chops. Forget about the world briefly and have a few laughs with this great batch of memes.

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