47 Random Memes and Pics Plucked from the Pictoverse

Well, you've done it. Congratulations! You're 80% of the way through another long week of work and or school. Depending on where exactly you live, it's been a little bit tougher of a week for some than others. The weather has been all over the place and hopefully, everyone is staying as safe as they can. Take a few moments to drown out the hustle and bustle of the week and give yourself a few moments of well-deserved relaxation and escape.

The glorious and long-awaited weekend is nearly upon us but most of us still have a day or two of work (or school) to deal with first. So don't let yourself get weighed down with your worries and responsibilities. Keep your sanity and have a laugh or two with a big batch of funny pics and memes. So put the day on pause, give yourself a few moments to unwind, and scroll your way through this gallery we hope will help pass the time and have you cruising on into the weekend!
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