34 Dank Memes That Have Overstayed Their Dankness

Memes. The singular joy most of us have left. After a hard day's work, dealing with aloof bosses and higher-ups that don't have a clue, what hits better -- what takes the edge off -- better than a splendidly dank meme? Nothing. It was a rhetorical question. Nothing assuages the existential pain of the modern wage-slave better than exceptionally dank memes.

Perhaps because misery loves company, you're not the only tired individual with a penchant for memes of the danker variety. The internet is full of denizens out procuring, cultivating, cloning all manner of memory for your daily enjoyment. So go on, scroll away and go prancing through the latest collection of memory.

Just don't forget to share the love. Whether that means sending a few of the danker ones to your snotty co-workers or uploading a couple of your own dank little tidbits, don't be a stranger.

We're all old friends here on this seemingly unkillable website.
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