Monday Morning Randomness User Edition - Kenku

Oh Monday, you most hated of days. You take a glorious thing like the weekend and time off and you turn it upside down. With your arrival, you bring stress, aggravation, and work. I almost feel bad for you because no one likes you, but then you rear your ugly head after two short days of being off of work, and trying to relax while still having tons of chores, errands, and stuff to do around the house. So that being said, you can eff right off Mr. Monday, I'll take Tuesday or Sunday over you any day.

But forget about all of that, it's time to dive into a batch of pics, memes, and everything in between. The only good thing about Monday is Monday Morning Randomness, which is possibly the internet's first weekly random gallery. So take a minute to relax and start the week with 42 awesome pics and memes each handcrafted in the mountain of dank.
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