76 Great Cosplays From New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con 2002 has come and gone, but these cosplay pictures will last forever. NYCC 2022 was a four-day event featuring celebrity panels, comic book artists, vendor booths, and of course, cosplayers.

It's hard to summarize NYCC for those who didn't attend, but imagine for a moment, you combined 50-thousand of the world's most loyal 'nerds' and Halloween into one. That doesn't quite do the event justice but it gets close.

The panels were so-so. The vendors were fine if you like to shop. The autographs and photo-ops will cost you an extra $50 a pop, and the artists signing hundreds, if not thousands of prints were there for both collectors and resellers alike.

But the cosplayers in our opinion were the highlight of the event. We tried to capture as many pictures as we could and tried our best not to get any duplicates and even still we were unable to capture all the great costumes and get-ups.

So if you felt like attending but didn't have the time or resources, this is for you.
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