Week One NFL Memes for Victory Monday (Or Lack Thereof)

We've still got some Monday Night Football, but thought we'd get you started with Week 1 memes early.

It was an absolutely wild week one, with multiple games going into overtime. Kickers were missing chip-shots, and the AFC south had a total of zero wins even though two teams in said division played each other. And we still have football on tonight!

With every victory comes defeat, and with every defeat comes internet memes. So thanks to Twitter, we've collected the best week one memes we could find. Even if your team won, nobody is off the hook when it comes to being roasted by the internet. The Steelers defense had 5 takeaways and still almost lost to Cincinatti.

So take a breath, pray that the Dak Prescott's and T.J. Watt's can recover and return. Let's celebrate those dubs and learn from the L's. We've got you covered all season long!
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