Parent Who Bullied Kid off Playground Asks 'AITA' and Gets Scorched

Parents come in all shapes and sizes. As much as human beings vary from one person to the next, parenting styles also come in a wide variety of methods, styles, and principles. One thing most (and I say most because obviously there are some terrible people and lousy parents in the world) parents have in common is that they all want the best for their children and would do whatever it takes to achieve that as well as keep their kiddos happy and safe.

This parent rented a park to have a birthday party for their child. A seemingly sweet and wholesome idea that any child would be excited for took a turn for the WTF when the parent noticed other children and parents at the now 'reserved' park. Below is the story of how the incident unfolded and the hilarious reaction of people on Reddit when the poster asked 'Am I the A**hole?'
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