People Are Making Up Reasons For Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' Divorce

It’s been a rough week for Jonas Brothers member, Joe Jonas as he files for divorce from his wife Sophie Turner. Though the constant barrage of media headlines from TMZ about their breakup immediately felt fishy for people online.

Sources told TMZ how Jonas has allegedly taken over caring for the couple's two toddlers while on tour. The couple apparently have been at odds because "She likes to party, he likes to stay at home. They have very different lifestyles.” There's also an incredibly vague claim that Jonas saw ring camera footage of Turner saying something that marked the end of their marriage.

Most of these claims paint Turner, who is currently filming in the UK, in a very negative light. Many on social media believe this is an elaborate smear campaign against Turner by Jonas. Even if it isn’t, the multiple headlines and sources “close to the couple” feel even more asinine. People on Twitter have decided to make their own headlines and speculations about what really broke up Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

Alas, Joe Jonas was once a shining star for short kings who love tall ladies. Now he’s lost his tall lady and the street cred. 

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