People Share The Most Overpriced Items They've Ever Encountered

Have you ever seen something for sale and gone, "what idiot would buy that?" Well so have these people. And if you're wondering, this is just the tip of the iceberg, Reddit is filled with all sort of stories, some funny, some creepy, but all of them worth the read.

Perhaps one of the worst feelings, is when you find something you really want, or even worse need, only to discover that the price you would have to pay for it is so far beyond what any reasonable person should be paying for something so simple. How does a wooden baseball bat that can break at any moment push 200 dollars? And how does its metal counterpart push 500? Why does insulin cost 20 bucks one place, an then 400 the next? Do you wear contacts or glasses? Something tells me that a pair of glasses you can snap in half with one hand doesn't cost the 300 big ones you have to shell out to put them on your face.
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