16 Times Humanity Let Us All Down

Sometimes it's better to make people think you might be a jerk than to show them that they were right. After all, that way you can't get beat up, punished, or judged face to face for your jerk-ery. These people decided to take that to heart, and perform their jerk actions out of sight and out of mind. Out of sight for the person they were being a jerk to, and out of mind for them once they left the scene of the crime. If you want to see more people being complete jerks, you can check out 21 Jerks Who Really Need a Dose of Reality.

It can be amazing the capacity that people have to be jerks. What can be even more mind numbing is the ability they have to do it when they wouldn't do it to someone's face. Perhaps the best example of this is all you keyboard warriors who wouldn't dare hurt a fly in the real world. But to keep things more interesting, these are 16 people who decided to be stealthy jerks in the real world.
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