Karen Quickly Goes from Queen of the HOA to Convicted Felon after Pushing the Wrong Neighbor

The world has no shortage of Karens, let's get that straight right away. These people just can't stand to be amongst the rest of us and feel an overwhelming need to make everyone else around them miserable with their rule enforcing, gatekeeping, holier than thou ways. They became a meme in recent years due to their outlandish and entitled ways and have even evolved into Manager's worst nightmare.

There's something so satisfying about seeing someone who goes around lording themselves over everyone finally getting knocked down by several pegs. This particular Karen was the president of her neighborhood Homeowner's Association (HOA) and made life miserable for everyone around her... until the day she pushed someone a little too hard for no reason, and they ended up unraveling her ENTIRE existence. The Homeowner's Association is supposed to make all the residents' lives a little easier and keep the neighborhood safe and uniform, but they have quickly evolved into a major headache, especially with a Karen at the helm.
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