Funny Pics and Memes to Waste Time With (32 Pics)

A fine collection of pictures and memes to help you kill some time and waste your day.

There's too much time anyway. 52 weeks in a year. Think about how long a week is. Monday through Friday. And that's just the work week. The weekend takes time too. Just think about how long a Thursday afternoon is individually. There's no joy of the Friday rush of freedom, and no freshness from the minimal break of the weekend. It's just unabashed boredom and daydreaming, and it goes on for so... so... long. There is too much time, and you need help wasting some. So here you go: 32 pics and memes should help do the trick, at least for a bit. Oh no, now you're 60 and didn't accomplish your dreams. Maybe you should use that time after all. But if it's for meme looking, we still won't judge you. We'd do the same.
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