Monday Morning Randomness User Edition - MohAki1

Well folks, It's Monday again and for most of us, that means we are back to the daily grind. Sadly like all things the weekend must eventually come to an end, forcing us begrudgingly back into the office (or your home office if you work remotely) and get back to the collective suffering we call working. Before you get sucked into the abyss of the 'to do list', take a few moments and get yourself some motivation in the form of funny memes and random pics. Your work isn't going anywhere and it can wait for a few moments, just like that email about Carol in Human Resources needing to speak with you about a meme you shared in the company group chat last week. So get to scrolling and enjoy!

If you have missed a few previous installments of Monday Morning Randomness, or you want to take a trip back in time and check out some of the earliest editions, check out the absolutely MASSIVE archive of Monday Morning Randomness by clicking HERE.

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