40 Facts to Caress Your Cortex

Knowledge can be used and knowledge can be, of course, abused. Not that these facts are very abusable -- these facts are, well, good for almost nothing. Other than having a good time of course. Or maybe dishing out for small-talk emergencies. They can win you a round of free beers at a bar night trivia game, and maybe even help finish a crossword puzzle or help your friend out with one. But really they often clog your cortex with space, eating away at real knowledge that takes neuro connections and critical thinking to fully materialize.

Real knowledge is not based on facts, nor is it based on their acquisition or quantity. Knowledge comes from one's ability to learn or better yet figure out new facts, or ways of thinking. Not just reading up on some mush you could find in an encyclopedia. But that takes effort. Years of practice. And getting up off the couch and the internet. So here are 40 facts the easy way instead.
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