15 Impressive Tattoos that are Works of Art

Tattoos are an ancient form of art. In terms of actual tattoos, the oldest known human to have tattoos was a Bronze-Age man from around 3300 BCE. The mummified remains of the man even kept the tattoos preserved on his skin. In more recent years tattoos have become much more widely accepted both in regular public life, as well as the workplace and corporate environments.

In fact, tattoos used to be such a taboo thing that one of the first things people would say to someone who wanted to get a tattoo or had just gotten one was "how are you going to get a job with that tattoo?" Granted a full-blown face tattoo might make it a little more difficult than something that can be covered up or something on your arms and legs, but it is kind of wild to think a practice that has been around for thousands of years has only recently (relatively speaking) become acceptable and normal in today's society.

Anyway, enough with the history lesson, check out this collection of badass, awesome, and amazingly well-done tattoos for the ink lovers out there.
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