"Karen" Like Tenant Ends Up Paying $20,000 After Getting Evicted and Lying About It

Renting or leasing a home, condo, or apartment can come with its own set of challenges, hardships, and headaches. From trying to get approved which can depend on your credit and income, to trying to save up the money to actually move in (renting a truck, getting boxes, getting utilities set up, and the often exorbitant deposits), it can often be a true nightmare. It's not all sunshine and rainbows for the landlord or rental company either. They experience their fair share of drama and problems with tenants so all around it seems like a real pain in the but.

In this story about the woes of renting, a tenant got evicted and thought they could lie their way out of the eviction by claiming their old lease was valid. It obviously didn't work out for them in the long run, and they ended up forking over $20,000. Contracts and paperwork can be a pain in the rear to deal with, but you definitely need to always check over them carefully.

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