40 Texts That Shouldn't Have Been Sent to Parents

Text messaging is one of the most underrated comedy media today. It really has the potential for hilarious mishaps and misunderstandings at every turn. So thankfully these posters shared their texting fails here. Nowadays text messages are so long. They should make an app that shortens your texts so they don't go beyond like 15 words. Anything longer than that probably doesn't need to be written.

While sending a text to the wrong person can be absolutely mortifying, it’s even worse if that message ends up going to your parents. The only thing worse is if that text contains some kind of evidence of you being a sexually active adult. Awkward!!

I'm not trying to brag and I can definitely see how something like this could happen to someone, but I can honestly say that I have never had a moment like this (touch wood). I'm definitely in a small minority though, because there are clearly plenty of folks who've had text messages they regretted sending.
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