The Best Azealia Banks Posts For the Hall of Fame

Since launching her music career on MySpace in 2008, artist Azaliea Banks has cemented herself as the hero we need and deserve in these trying times, never failing to expertly stir the pop culture pot with her near-infinite wealth of unhinged takes.

Long heralded for her fiery wit and expert reading skills – her since-repealed Instagram ban was once famously likened to the burning of the Library of Alexandria – Banks most recently made headlines after joining forces with Taylor Swift’s angry fanbase, begging the songstress to dump her ‘problematic’ beau, 1975 frontman Matty Healy.

“Taylor, this guy is gonna give you scabies,” Banks wrote in an Instagram story shared with her 93.2K followers, alleging that Healy is “one shared needle away from tetanus.”

“He’s not on the level of powerful puss u worked HELLA Hard To build,” she continued before imploring Swift to pursue The Shins’ lead vocalist, James Mercer instead.

These comments – and more – found themselves yet again at the center of social media on Wednesday, May 31, after Pop Crave – the most credible of the “pop” pages – took to the platform with a humble request.

“In honor of Azealia Banks’ 32nd birthday, tell us your favorite moment from the rapper.”

From dubbing Elon Musk, “Apartheid Clyde” following her feud with Grimes to denouncing the January 6 Capitol Attack as “meth behavior” here are 23 of Azealia Banks’ craziest social media moments.

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