The Best Pickup Line in Tinder History

This guy's witty conversation opener will make your jaw drop. I just want to see the rest of his word play to see if this was a one off or if this guy is a through and through Tinder god. Regardless, not everyone is as successful with their creativity, if these Tinder busts are any indication. Some people could definitely take a leaf out of this guys book. The "f**k me or f**k off" method is unfortunately not a valid strategy for ~most of you who have to use Tinder in the first place to get whistle wet. I recommend fake interest in whatever they are doing in life (at the bare minimum) or care about until they either think you care or enjoyed the time enough to put out. But a modicum of effort at least come on guys.

Looking to sympathize with some of the denizens of Tinders 0 match club? check out some of these facepalm-worthy Tinder fails to feel a bit better about your ineptitude.
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Uploaded 03/26/2015
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