Tucker Carlson Loses Advertisers and Hashtag War at the Same Time

Earlier this week on his TV show, Tucker Carlson made a comment about the Black Lives Matter protests, saying the protesters don't actually care about Black people at all. He conflated peaceful protesters with looters and claimed that average Americans are under attack.

In light of those remarks, some sizable companies that run commercials during his show decided to remove their ads. The companies include Disney, T-Mobile, Papa John's, and Poshmark.

Some Tucker fans tried to show their support for him by starting a trending hashtag #IStandWithTuckerCarlson. Unfortunately, people who were excited to see Tucker Carlson losing corporate support took over the hashtag, and now their insults are trending over anyone actually supporting Mr. Bow Tie.

Sometimes you try to do something to help out a friend, and it just blows up in your face.

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