Random Facts People Learned From TV, Books, and Movies

I've actually got my own weird example of this!

I went to Vegas with my parents many years ago and we went to this interactive exhibit about the mob history of Las Vegas: how the casinos first started up, notable/notorious names in the town's history, famous murders - all that kinda stuff. There was one part where me, my mom, and my Dad were all taken to a "store room" where a casino cheat was getting dealt with behind another door (we could see their shadows in the door's window). The tour guide asked us what we should do with him - rough him up, let him go, or kill him.

I had a roommate who was BIG into mob films and culture at the time, so I immediately replied, "Rough him good but leave him alive. Dump him somewhere along the strip so everyone can see what happens to cheats in this town." Mom and Dad were NOT expecting this answer from the otherwise very gentle and loving son they'd raised, but the tour guide was actually pretty impressed! It just goes to show you how the arts can be a weirdly effective tool for spreading random bits of actual knowledge.
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