Hilarious Tumblr Thread About Renting Rooms From the Addams Family

Being a broke college student means living in some pretty sketchy places just to save a few bucks. If rent's cheap and the place isn't a literal dumpster fire, it's good enough! I'd imagine the Addams family, with all their weirdness, would definitely have a hard time renting to regular adults so, if they ever were to open up rooms for rent in their palatial mansion, it's a good bet the first few tenants would likely be college kids looking to get a deal.

This Tumblr thread takes that exact idea and runs with it, imagining all the weird misadventures the tenants would go on with the family and how their ooky, kooky ways might influence the day-to-day life of a student working on an important final project. It honestly sounds like a lot of fun - I'd definitely be down to live there for at least a semester!
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