20 Trashy Wedding Ideas That Kept It Everything but Classy

Weddings should be a special day for two people and two people only; the bride and the groom.

That being said, there's not much you can do if the two people getting married are the trashiest people you know.

On the other hand however, it's also your job as a guest (or friend celebrating from home) to not make everything about you. This is not your day. Keep it classy, and let the happy couple celebrate without needing to steal attention.

Speaking of stealing attention, I'm looking at you Mothers-in-law. If you didn't read the message above, I'll repeat. THIS IS NOT YOUR DAY. This isn't about you. Don't wear white. Don't wear off-white. Don't wear cream. Just stay away from anything that RESEMBLES the bride's dress. It's not that difficult.

Unfortunately some people can't follow these simple rules, so we've put them on blast in this gallery. We hope you enjoy roasting them as much as we did.
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