24 Fresh Weekend Randoms to Help You Put Your Feet Up

Thank goodness it's the weekend! You deserve to sit back and relax, and here are some funky random pics, memes, and tweets to help you do that. We say TGIF on Friday, but there should be something for the weekend too! After all, you still have to come into work on Friday, whereas Saturday and Sunday you're completely free (or not). 

I always say that my favorite moment of the entire week is my first sip of coffee on Saturday. There is something to be said for that moment, aside from fulfilling my caffeine addiction, that engulfs me with hope and optimism. I haven't yet ruined my weekend with poor planning, lack of initiative, and a Sunday morning raging hangover. No, in that moment, my weekend can be whatever I want it to be. 

To help you kick your feet up and enjoy the possibility, why not check out a fun collection of random pics memes, and tweets? Nothing says productive energy like scrolling through a bunch of photos on the internet for hours on end. You can even snack while you do it! And when you're done, don't go around complaining that you've wasted your Saturday again. That's something that was going to happen anyway.

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