Wife Prematurely Celebrates Husband’s Vasectomy

Welp. Here we go again!

Another absolutely insane story from the desolate wasteland that is the subreddit, TIFU.

It's hard to express how bad I feel for these parents. I'm not a parent myself. But good god man. One kid is fine, two is meh, three holy sh*t that's enough already.

So this couple (sharing the same opinion that I do) decided that the third child was the last. It was plenty. The husband suggests they go the vasectomy route and be done with it. Perfect. The end.

Only it's not. Not even close.

I'll warn any superstitious readers out there to shy away from the rest of this story, because it goes against everything that's ever been taught. Whether it's sports, whether it's in school. Everybody knows that you don't celebrate early. Nothing good can come from it. SPOILER ALERT. Nothing good came from it.

I'll let the mother tell her story.
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