Woman Rightfully Makes Mom Apologize in Front of Her Own Kids

The world is already full of entitled people, rude folks, and some who are just downright jerks. We don't need any more of these types of personalities and parents are basically our last line of defense. Now granted it is not only up to the parents as everyone is different and makes their own choices (age appropriately of course) and they can also be affected by other stimuli such as their work/school life, any trauma or tragedies they suffer, etc etc.

As a parent, it's important to teach your kids about personal responsibility, but you also need to practice what you preach. If your kids are running around like wild animals, it's great that you got them to say they're sorry to the people they bothered - but it's absolutely YOUR fault too for not having a better handle on the situation to begin with! I swear, some people just shouldn't have kids.

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