Woman's Bad Food Review Comes Back To Bite Her, Very Publicly

Chances are if you have ever dined out somewhere, you have had at least one experience where the food, service, or perhaps both weren't up to par and didn't meet your expectations. Perhaps the chef or the kitchen was having a bad day and couldn't get it together, or maybe the place was packed and service was slow. There could be a long list of reasons why things were not up to your standards, and most of us can understand that it's not usually one person's fault and that there is a proper channel to go through to have your concerns addressed. Most of us also know that lying, skimming over details, or exaggerating the story in a public review is not only a total Karen move but also bound to backfire.

A Dublin cafe owner was a bit surprised about a bad review he received until he remembers the customer in question. Its stories like these that keep us going, and especially ones where the public embarrassment is deserved.

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