19 Stock Photos We Can't Imagine a Business Would Need

Stock photos are kind of an important part of an online business. Photographers who make stock photos are an incredible resource for people and companies without the means to go out and shoot photos and make the pics they need. Without them we'd all have some pretty bland pages full of already-bland text. You need that 'angry couple in bed' or 'family walking on beach' to help sell the text.

But these photographers have to spend money to make money. They have to make the sets, get the costumes, hired the models -- and they need to make a profit. And the best way to squeeze all the juice out of that lemon is to get as many shots as you can think of for as many different niches as possible in the shortest time you can.

And the results, sometimes, are predictably a little... WTF. Down below is a collection of some of the weirdest, wackiest, most outlandishly inexplicable stock photos you'll find online.
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