Meta Project Manager Wastes Her Whole Day Making TikToks

People are commenting on the TikTok account of Riley Rojas, this 23 year old Project Manager at Meta, as she seems to lead a life more akin to that of an influencer than of someone in a managerial position at one of the hardest places to land a job in the world.

While her day in this TikTok might be normal for many an influencer, one would think that someone with the job title "Project Manager" at a company like Meta might wind up devoting a slightly larger portion of their work day to, well, their work. The contents of her daily planner do little to quell this feeling. The rest of her TikTok page also seems quite devoid of any actual work environments despite its main purpose being to document the life of someone working in big tech.

While some people are calling out her whole persona as fake or manufactured by Meta for appearances, perhaps we're all wrong and she's just a time management God who likes to keep the work side of her life more private. But were that the case, she could definitely do a better job of seeming just a tiny bit less out of touch with the rest of the real working world.

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