95-Year-Old Dementia Patient Says She Doesn’t Know Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Proceeds to Absolutely Shred It

95-year-old musician, mother, and significant dementia patient Elaine Lebar went viral, following this TikTok that shows her playing the third movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Filmed by her daughter Randi, Elaine claims she doesn't know it before immediately whipping back to the piano and absolutely shredding the iconic piece. Her dexterity is enviable, even for a much younger and healthier musician.

Randi began sharing clips of her mother to their TikTok page orifbone, after the pandemic limited the time they could spend together. “At one point, I just said, I need to put a face to these people who were locked up with no voice.”

Elaine has been playing the piano since childhood and received her bachelor's from the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. She then pursued a master’s degree in music pedagogy at the University of Missouri, where she met Randi's father. Despite becoming a full-time mother, Elaine regularly taught students and performed concertos. Randi wants to use the channel to inspire others and show the wonder of music therapy. “Isn't it magical what music can do, even with a fairly debilitating brain disease?”
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