AI Predicts First Touchdown of the Season and May Prove We Live in a Simulation

With the NFL season kicking off Thursday, this guy decided to use AI technology to help him predict the first touchdown of the new season. Using the AI program Midjourney that converts text prompts into images, TikToker averagebearsenjoyer documents what the program comes up with before the Thursday night Rams Bills matchup, and then follows up after the game.

It turned out that here in the real world the first touchdown was scored by Bills wide receiver Gabriel Davis, who happens to wear number 13 for his Buffalo squad, as shown in the AI image. He scored on a 26 yard touchdown connection from quarterback Josh Allen, and scampered down the sideline into the end-zone at an eerily similar angle to that predicted by the program.

In fairness the AI image is far from perfect, as the featured player is sporting a Rams helmet over his Bills jersey, and the player in the background looks like he has Ram horns for a head, but perhaps that is just the AI throwing us off the scent that we do, in fact, live in the matrix.

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