Airlines Traps Guy in Airport Hallway For Two Hours, But He's Remarkably Chill About It

Missing your flight sucks, but getting trapped in an airport hallway for two hours sucks even more. Unfortunately, both of those things happened to the Winnipeg-based traveler Ayden on his WesJet flight from Calgary to Las Vegas. Documenting the situation on his TikTok, Ayden states that after missing his flight, he was directed down a hallway with a locked exit, and returned to find the entrance also sealed. Shockingly, multiple employees refused or were unable to let him out of his prison, and the airport was not immediately helpful over the phone.

Ayden somehow remained surprisingly calm throughout. "They're lucky I'm a really chill guy," he says, "because some other people would be panicking right now." Eventually, even he was nearing the end of his patience. "Yep, still here, It's been almost two hours. It was way funnier like an hour and a half ago." Eventually, Ayden was rescued. "I'm gunna be nice, but I'm gunna maybe go talk to WesJet and just be like, 'Hey, you locked me in a hallway for the last two hours, that's not great.'"

Fortunately, WesJet gifted him a new ticket, hotel room, and meal vouchers. Still, if I'm ever locked in an airport hallway for two hours, somebody will have hell to pay.
@ayden_1997 Just a little video I made to pass the time while trapped in a hallway a few days ago. Makes for a funny story, and who doesnt love a good story! #fyp #travel #airport #calgary #adventure #funny #weird #canada #america ♬ original sound - Ayden
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