‘Kiss Me, Tell Me I’m F---ing Hot’: Woman Kicks, Spits in Cop’s Face During Erratic Airport Arrest

There's something about airports that brings out the worst in everyone, and airport freakouts are all too common as a result. But the airport arrest has a new final boss – a new main character if you will – and it's a woman named, Amalia Joy, who was arrested at John Wayne Airport in Orange County California. 

The clip begins with Amalia already on the run from airport security, as she jogs down the terminal with the grace of a professional marathoner before stopping at a Vino Volo for a glass of water. 

"You can find me on a .com, but I'm trying to switch to .love," she says to the police, among other chaotic lines. But when a kind stranger attempts to intervene, Amalia is forcefully arrested. 

Amalia's website showcases her experimental music, which seems to originate from her beliefs in energy spirituality.

‘Kiss Me, Tell Me I’m Fucking Hot," she screams at her arresting officer while spitting in his face and trying to kick his groin. Maybe she would have been better off with a .love. 

Amalia does not seem like a danger to anyone, but it is clear from this video that all is not well. 

As Chalice Carkhuff commented, "I hope she gets the help she so desperately needs."

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