Badass Mobile Shredder Makes Quick Work of Dumpster Full of Trash

Trash has unfortunately become a part of our daily lives. The more and more we build and manufacture the more of it we seem to have to deal with. From regular run-of-the-mill garbage from your house to industrial waste from manufacturing and construction, pretty much anywhere you look (aside from maybe inside a residential neighborhood) you'll see a dumpster or perhaps just trash scattered about.

There have been some great developments and inventions in how we deal with waste such as recycling and repurposing leftover materials and waste. While recycling still has quite a long way to go in terms of making it more eco-friendly and efficient, it is a necessary and integral part of keeping our planet from just becoming a giant dumpster itself. Compacting and reducing the space needed for trash is one of the ways companies have been trying to save space and reduce costs associated with waste and recycling. You've seen those industrial shredders, now you can have the power of one on-the-go.
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