Idiotic Tourist Risks Being Gored By Wild Animal For the Gram

After two years of leading the pack as the world’s dumbest Buffalo person, Buffalo Head from the January 6 Capitol Attack has finally met his match.

Earlier this month, a visitor dropping by Biscuit Basin at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming narrowly escaped a gore-y fate after ignoring warnings and getting a little too up close and personal with a wild bison in pursuit of a selfie, a move that made one unnamed witness feel “horrible” for the animal.  

“We knew if it just inadvertently stood up, she would be gored and it would most likely have to be euthanized through no fault of its own," they told Storyful of the incident, one they said left them in "bit of disbelief.” 

However, this eyewitness was far from alone in their surprise at the goring-that-almost-wasn’t. As the video began making the rounds on TikTok, several nature-buffs sounded off on the apparent dangers of this impromptu photo op.

“Omg that looks too close! I fear for the bison’s well-being!” @userbxlgvinqbw commented on ABC7LA’s video of the ordeal.

“Nooooo who does that?!” asked @BTSNanaPaula “I’m glad she’s ok could have been bad.”

Fucking with a wild bison – not even once. 

@abc7la A woman was seen standing just a foot or two away from a bison just so she could take some selfies at Yellowstone National Park. Park officials warn the public to not approach bison and other wildlife. #abc7la #news #abc7eyewitness #bison #animalsoftiktok #animals #yellowstone #tourists #yellowstonenationalpark #travel ♬ original sound - ABC7LA
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