Black Belt IHOP Waiter Who Thwarted Would-be Robber Might be Exaggerating His Skills

Working in the food industry can come with its own set of challenges, aggravating customers, and dangerous work environments. One thing no one wants to have to deal with is a robbery. One day while at work Elijah Arnold, spotted a man opening up the register attempting to steal money from the IHOP he worked at. He sprung into action and tackled the man and held onto his leg despite being hit in the face with a crowbar. Arnold held onto the man until police arrived and arrested the alleged robber. Arnold said the man was apologizing for hitting him and pleading with him to just let him have the money because he really needed it. Arnold said he could relate because he had previously gotten hooked on drugs and went down a dark path.

I hope IHOP rewarded him for his bravery and for putting himself in harm's way to stop the robbery, although most people in law enforcement, as well as business owners, instruct their employees to comply during these types of situations. I'm not quite sure how accurate or truthful his claims of being a 3rd-degree blackbelt are as he is covered in blood and looks like he had the crap beat out of him, but he did manage to subdue the robber until police arrived.
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