Can A TikTok Sound Really Help You Beat the Summer Heat?

Looking to beat the heat this summer? All you need is your phone, according to TikTok’s latest viral trend.

Over the past several months, audio depicting the hum of an air conditioner has emerged as the platform’s latest obsession, with several popular videos claiming the sound somehow has the power to make chilled air spew from your phone’s speakers.

“No because why did this actually make my phone cold,” Jake Shane – better known to his 2.1 million followers as @octopusslover8 – captioned his clip.

Amassing more than 2.9 million views in its first 16 hours on the platform, Jake Shane was far from the only one experiencing this effect, with several followers flocking to the comments to share their experiences of the functioning sound.

“Am I being delulu or is this actually working,” mused @luvrbu9.

“Placebo is insane bc I swear I can feel it,” added @chelsey_.07.

“I literally feel a breeze in my hand what,” quipped @1uv_soph.

So take it from TikTok – if it looks like an air conditioner and sounds like an air conditioner, it’s probably an air conditioner … or not. We’re not the placebo police. 

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