Close Encounter with Crocodile Has Our Slacks Soiled

Let me start by saying I'm fully against 'wait until the end' videos. But when it needs to be said, it needs to be said...Wait until the end.

The video starts out innocently enough. Just two dudes in a canoe. Paddling through some marshy wetlands. Then we get a glimpse of the chonkster. A pretty sizable crocodile shows up, minding its own business. Obviously the men in the boat are curious and begin following the reptile.

Then things take a turn. The croc whips around, having noticed the canoe. It begins swimming toward the men who grab onto their paddles in some lame attempt at self-defense. The croc gets closer and closer until....silence.

The croc goes underwater and for a brief second you could hear a pin drop. Then the croc lashes up at the canoe. It's a great jump scare. And honestly we don't know what happens next. The video fades out. Did the two men survive or did they get dumped into the water like Jack Dawson into the Atlantic? I guess that's for you, the viewer to decide.
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