Cheating GF Freaks After Being Found Out, Falsely Accuses Dude

He's smart to keep the camera rolling and maintain his cool throughout.

This dude came over to his girl's house to hang out when saw her getting a text about some other guy coming through later. He rightfully called her out on it and tries to leave only to have her continuously get in his way, lock the door on him, and accuse him of smashing her phone and being physically violent with her.

Somehow, the guy manages to keep his cool - though he can't help but chuckle when she has to sheepishly admit her accusations are less-than-honest. You'd think maybe that moment of clarity might get her to stop, but no, she goes right back to it.

We can't really hear what's happening on the other end of the line during her frantic call to her mom, but from where we're seeing/hearing it, it sounds like Mom might also be taking the issue with a grain of salt because she doesn't seem to immediately hang up and be on her way. There's a good chance she's also aware of what her daughter is like.

It just goes to show you kids, the crazy ones are only a good time for a short time.
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