Chet Hanks Stands His Ground and Refuses to Apologize to SJWs

Chet Hanks, the oddball son of Tom Hanks went viral a few years ago for speaking with a patois accent at the Golden Globes in 2020. "Patois" is an English-based Jamaican dialect and Hanks shocked the internet when he busted it out on the red carpets two years ago.

At the time Chet was pretty unknown as he wasn't an actor like his father or older brother. Since that viral moment, Chet has worked hard to maintain his relevance. Last year he most notably coined the phrase, white boy summer", which most people used as a meme to mock him.

And while most of Chet's persona has been seen as a joke, even if he himself is serious about it, he finally has done something right, and that's not apologizing for his perception.

This clip of Chet being asked by Showtime's Ziwe, "if he wanted to apologize to any marginalized communities" shows that the best way to engage with people who want to cancel you is to not engage at all.
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