Citizen Watches in Shock as Trucker Rampages in a Nevada Town

A road rage incident was caught on camera in McDermitt, Nevada and a truck driver couldn't look away. Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt and the man behind the wheel was arrested. As Jose Losoya was driving into town, he noticed an 18-wheeler pulling into a parking lot, hitting an SUV in the process. The truck continued to drive around the back of the building before emerging from the other side and now in the opposite direction of travel.

He crossed over into the oncoming lane and proceeded to drive directly into a work truck leaving a parking lot. The semi smashes into the truck rendering his own vehicle undrivable. At that point, the man recording hopped out to check on the occupants of the smaller work truck and pulled out the hydraulic brake lines of the trailer causing the semi's brakes to lock up. The police and state troopers arrived on the scene shortly afterward and arrested the man on felony charges, using the footage from the man's camera as evidence to prosecute the semi-driver.
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