That Time a Badass Pilot Survived The Craziest Crash Caught on Camera

Commander George Duncan crashed while making a landing onto the US Navy Carrier Midway in 1951, creating a massive explosion. Miraculously, despite the detonation of the fuselage, Duncan's cockpit completely detached -- saving him from fiery ruin.

THe fully story of Duncan's crash is as wild as the crash itself. No slouch, Duncan established himself as one badass pilot. Starting in the air over Iwo Jima, Duncan would go on to earn Ace status more than two times over, credited with 13.5 downed enemy planes (that half-point comes from an assist) during the latter stages of WW2.

After the war, Duncan would continue his education and become a test pilot for the army, using his well-honed skills to push the limits of experimental aircraft and novel systems. It was on the 23rd of July, 1951 that Duncan's plane -- during a second test flight -- would hit an unexpected air pocket at the lest second of his landing, dipping the plane under the edge of the carrier. Pulling back on the stick, he managed to raise the nose of the plane, splitting the aircraft into two upon impact and detaching both the cockpit and his f**king helmet.

Duncan would survive the blaze with minor injuries.
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