Compassionate Judge Dismisses Traffic Tickets for a Vietnam Vet

A clip from the show Caught in Providence has gone viral on TikTok for a faith-restoring display of compassion. In it, Mr. Tallow appears in court for running two red lights and speeding. It turns out Mr. Tallow was driving over the speed limit on his way to the VA hospital. He’s an Army veteran who served in Vietnam from 1966 to 1968.

Despite being on a set income with only $50 readily available at the moment, Tallow demonstrates his respect for the law and strong sense of accountability by promising to pay all $270 in fines incrementally over time, if need be.

Chief Judge Frank Caprio decides he’ll have none of that. He looks at the big picture, discarding callous bureaucracy and embracing humanity. Judge Caprio knows how much this man has gone through, having friends who served in Vietnam who were later neglected after returning home. To express gratitude for Tallow’s service to this nation and sympathy for his financial situation, he reduces his fine to $25 and declares that it shall be paid out of the donations his court receives. Tallow left owing not a penny, and rightfully so.
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