Husband Regrets Asking His Wife Her Body Count

This husband has the shock of a lifetime when he learns his wife's body count, after revealing his own to be less than 10.

Saying that you can count his number "on less than two hands," and that he is proud of that fact, his wife goes on to reveal that she is unaware of her number, and that she stopped counting "somewhere in 340s." Not only does this take the husband completely by surprise, but he lashes out, calling her a w**re, and saying that he wants his ring back. While 340+ is undeniably high, it is strange that they are having this discussion after becoming engaged, especially when it seems to be something he cares about. Surely he would have known that she used to like to have fun?

In any case, if he trusted her enough to give her a ring, and she has shown no behavior in that time to make him question her loyalty, there is no reason why he should doubt her now. She herself holds up the ring at one point, indicating that she is loyal to him now.
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