Dad Accidentally Rents Comically Tiny House For His Family's Vacation

When you rent online always make sure you read the reviews before checking out. You never want to miss out on the critical details. This is both a horror story and a comedy, wrapped into a 15-second video.

This reminds us of those stories where people buy something online that turns out to be the completely wrong size. Like when someone tries to buy a rug or something and when it comes it's only 2 inches by 4 inches wide. This is the same thing, except with a house.

This one totally falls on dad's shoulders and dad's shoulders alone. There is no excuse for making this mistake unless the property was advertised maliciously, but somewhere, somehow, this poor guy rented a house that was way too small for his human-sized family.

And as far as tiny houses go, this thing looks like it can hardly fit a grown single grown adult, let alone multiple.
@kyliekeefe2 so my dad rented this Airbnb for four people and 2 dogs for two nights #fyp #airbnb #tinyhome ♬ original sound - Kylie Keefe
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