Denver Karen Refuses to Let Man Just Relax in His Car

Typically your car is a safe space; a place where you can sit back and just relax for a minute, free of this world's bothers. But for the TikTok user Skeet, relaxing in his car instead meant facing off against the final boss of Denver Karens. 

"This is my parking lot you get your ass out of here," she yelled at him. "Yeah I know black lives matter, get your fucking ass out of here."

Skeet later revealed that he was on his way to visit his mother, who also lives in the same apartment complex, when he was harassed. In a follow up video he claimed that he believed the woman was suspicious of him because of a slew of recent car break-ins... not that that's any excuse. 

"She reverts to a child like state," SEJ commented on the clip. "Wow the patience you have is amazing." 

Ultimately, despite the woman following him into a building and continuing to harass him, Skeet stayed calm. 

"I hope the dog is ok," @BarbaraGehring2 commented. "Because she definitely is not."


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