Johnny Depp Supporter Asking Amber Heard the Tough Questions

Onlookers watched as Amber Heard exited Virginia's Fairfax County Courthouse. One of them asked a question that we're all dying to know the answer to...

The Johnny Depp defamation case is obviously gaining national attention. Not only because of their celebrity status but also the Depp/Heard relationship was seemingly nothing but tumultuous from the start.

As more details of their relationship are revealed through testimony, we knew it wouldn't be long until Amber's infamous bed poop came under heavy scrutiny.

If you haven't heard, during one of their larger arguments Amber allegedly took a massive steamer on Johnny's bed. She would later state that she did it as a joke, and thought it would be funny. Needless to say she's never going to live this one down.

The video shows one of Depp's fans taking the opportunity to try and get some real answers from Amber. "Hey Amber, WHY YOU GOTTA POOP ON THE BED?!" Amber hurries away, and we quickly realize we aren't going to get a definitive answer at this point. But I applaud this fan's tenacity and journalistic prowess.
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