Dude Grabs 30,000-Volt Electric Cable Like It's Nothing

Your parents probably told you never to stick a fork into an electrical outlet. The reason is pretty obvious; about 120 volts of electricity waiting to shock your socks off. It should go without saying then, that grabbing a 30,000-volt cable responsible for bringing that electricity to your outlet probably isn't the best idea. But this dude must never have gotten the fork in the outlet talk, because he calmly places his gloved hand on the power cable like it's nothing. Fortunately, he is wearing a high-voltage electrical suit and has a good understanding of physics.

"He wouldn't be electrocuted even with two hands," one Twitter user explains. "Electric shock requires a closed circuit. The basket in which he stands is isolated from the ground and at the same potential." With the basket suspended in the air, there is no way for the electrical circuit to close on him. As for the shocks, another user explains. "He's slowly leaking charge to the air, so when he lets go for a minute, his voltage has dropped some, causing the cable to arc over."

There are times trusting science is necessary, but this is not one of those instances. As one person says, "Those gloves are getting their money's worth today."
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